Tips to Boost Immune Baby

Infants are prone to health problems or disease. To prevent one of the ways that can be done is to improve the baby's immune system.

Babies still memikiki immune system is not yet completely formed and well. Therefore, babies are very susceptible to disease. The immune system itself is a shield for the body against disorders, diseases or infections that approaches.

Tips to Boost Immune Baby

In order for your baby stay healthy and avoid health problems, maintain and improve a child's body immunity is the thing you have to do to keep him healthy and growth is not disturbed. Well, here are tips to improve the baby's immune you can do.

Tips to Boost Immune Baby

Provide Exclusive breastfeeding with Good

Breast milk is the best intake for infants, particularly for infants less than 6 months old who are not familiar with solid food. Exclusive breastfeeding itself strongly advised infants up to age 6 months, after which the child can be accompanied by complementary foods or solids. The benefits of exclusive breastfeeding is very good and a lot for the health of the baby. Exclusive breastfeeding carries valuable nutrients for growth and development of infants. In addition, breast milk also contains good bacteria and nutrients needed by the baby in the formation of intestinal microflora in infants, which is useful and important for endurance baby. Breastfeeding can protect your baby from the threat of ear infections, allergies, diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary tract infection and most dangerous circumstances that sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, as well as able to develop the cells in the brain and prevent the baby having diabetes.

Inadequate Infant Nutrition Needs

After your baby is passing through a period of exclusive breastfeeding is six months first, then he could be introduced to complementary foods best. You can give your child a semi-solid food, not too watery like ASI and not too dense. For the first introduction, it is advisable to give these foods gradually, so that the baby is able to adapt and accept it with good food and will facilitate the process of eating in the future.

Things you should look to the baby food which will be the adequacy of nutrition and balanced nutrients needed for growth and development. In addition to supporting the growth and development of the child, the right foods will help boost his immune system. You can provide vegetables and fruit is healthy for the little that contain beta-carotene and vitamin C such as carrots and oranges. The content is known to ward off viruses and bacteria that cause disease and help the development of new cells.

Fulfill Needs Baby Sleep

When the baby's sleep needs are met, then the immune system will increase. When your baby sleep, the body will build new cells. Where the new cells will help in repelling viruses or bacteria that cause disease. Baby's sleep time should be about 16 to 18 hours in each day. Needs enough sleep is associated with increased immune system.

Avoid Smoke

Smoking is not good for health, good for the smokers themselves and those who are in the vicinity, including a baby. In cigarette smoke there are at least four thousand kinds of poisons. Where toxins contained in cigarette smoke that cause health problems. Especially for infants, the dangers of cigarette smoke that could kill the new cells in the baby's body. Babies who frequently inhale cigarette smoke would be very likely to develop bronchitis, ear infections and asthma, even likely to increase the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In addition, cigarette smoke also have adverse effects on intelligence and neural development of the child.

Apply a Healthy Lifestyle

Infants are particularly vulnerable to attack from viruses and bacteria. Therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the baby's immune boosting tips. When you want to make direct contact with your baby, you should make it a habit to always wash your hands. Moreover, if you are already conducting activities outside the home or after touching objects that cleanliness is not maintained. Usually infants susceptible to health problems such as runny nose, cough, fever and diarrhea that comes from the hands of the baby itself or touch the people around him. In addition, you also need to maintain the health of the child's body.


Before the age of 18 months, infants have several vaccinations. The vaccine works by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies that can fight the disease. Vaccines are an important part to improve the baby's immune system.

Avoid baby from Pollution

As a step to keep your baby's health and boost immune systems, should avoid the child from pollution. In addition to cigarette smoke, protect your baby from car exhaust.
Keeping the baby's health is an important thing you should do. Where is one way to maintain good health is to improve the baby's immune system.
Thereby increasing the baby's immune tips. May be useful.

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