Tips to Overcome Nausea While Breastfeeding

Nausea while breastfeeding is one of the obstacles often experienced by many mothers to breastfeed. For the smooth process of breastfeeding, it is important for mothers to treat nausea while breastfeeding.

Pregnancy is a time of the most awaited by each partner. Where the little angel will be present to complete the family. When pregnant expectant parents will certainly give all the best for the candidate of their children. Although it is not easy and full of challenges, a long journey for nine months would pass with enthusiasm and happiness.

After a long journey passed, it was time at the stage of labor and parents will be faced with the stages of care for and raise the baby. To give all the best for his little angel, knowledge about newborn care from simple to complicated things a mother would find out, one of them knowledgeable about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is an important step in caring for the baby. After the baby is born into this world, mothers shall give rights to her child that breastfeeding until a predetermined time.

Breast milk or breast milk is the major food source for the baby after it is born until the age of 6 months. In the milk contains beneficial nutrients to support growth and development. As long as there was no any food given to infants. Until the end of the baby at the age of 6 months, complementary foods or solid foods introduced to your baby. However, breast-feeding should still be continued until the baby is 2 years old.

Breastfeeding glance look easy and simple. However, the fact is not like that. Sometimes some problems come when breastfeeding. When breastfeeding physical and psychological condition of a mother must be healthy. Why is that? Because the physical and psychological conditions affect the quality and quantity of milk produced. To support the production of breast milk itself, nursing mothers are advised to keep their food intake and a healthy lifestyle.

Even so, sometimes the problem or obstacle often encountered. Some breastfeeding problems often expressed by many breastfeeding mothers among which the infant refuses breast milk, the milk does not come out, swollen breasts, even when nursing mothers experience nausea.

Nausea is a health problem that normally occur experienced by nursing mothers. Nausea that appear when breastfeeding itself is caused due to the production of the hormone oxytocin. The hormone oxytocin is linked to the digestive system, so when this hormone increases as a result will appear nausea. The hormone oxytocin itself will increase when the baby more often suck his mother's breast milk.

Although nausea while breastfeeding is considered a reasonable state, but the state still must be overcome because it would disrupt the feeding process and interfere with the breastfeeding mothers. Nausea experienced during breastfeeding will cause the appetite to decrease breast-feeding mothers, the mother consequently reluctant to eat and nutrient requirements for milk production is not met.

Tips to Overcome Nausea While Breastfeeding

Nausea while breastfeeding often experienced by most women will usually disappear by themselves within a few weeks or less than 8 weeks after giving birth. However, you must know how to treat nausea while breastfeeding in order not to hinder the process of breastfeeding your baby.
Well, here are some tips to overcome nausea while breastfeeding.

High-Protein Food Consumption

Foods that contain high protein has an important role to overcome the nausea experienced by the mother during breastfeeding. Therefore, during breastfeeding is recommended for you to supplement the diet with foods high in protein content. Some foods that are high in protein among them are meat, fish, eggs or tempeh. Food with balanced nutrition or nutrients helpful in resolving any complaints that arise during breastfeeding. Not only that, by consuming foods that contain balanced nutrition of breast milk quality and quantity will be balanced.

Keep intake of Body Fluids

As a way to treat nausea while breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers are advised to meet the needs of body fluids by consuming water with enough. It is advisable to drink 8 glasses of water every day. The adequacy of body fluids other than beneficial for nausea will also help blood circulation. So with that milk production will be smooth. Fluid intake is not only obtained from the consumption of white water course, you can keep up with the intake of other liquids such as fruit juices are healthy and low in sugar.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is highly recommended for nursing mothers. Breakfast will provide adequate nutrition to breastfeeding mothers. But other than that, the breakfast was also able to overcome the nausea often experienced during breastfeeding. When breakfast was suggested to meet the needs of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate itself can be obtained from a variety of foods such as pasta, whole grain breads, rice, tubers and others.

Choose Healthy Snacks

When breastfeeding are advised not to consume snacks in vain. Among the big meal, you can consume healthy snacks. Healthy snacks which meant that fruits or vegetables. Consuming healthy snacks helps keep blood sugar levels remain stable during breast feeding your baby.

That tips nausea while breastfeeding. Whatever complaints you experienced during the breastfeeding period, should be solved immediately in order not to hinder the process of breastfeeding. May be useful.

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