Understand Guide Providing Drugs in Infants

The guide gives the drug in infants should parents understand and some things need to be considered so that the little benefit optimally drug administered.

Every parent wants their children grow up healthy and there are no problems whatsoever that hinder growth. However, sometimes the reality does not match what was expected. When the baby is sick, it's time you take him to the doctor to get the best care and treatment. Healing child today would be what you expect.

Understand Guide Providing Drugs in Infants

When bringing your child to the doctor, the doctor will prescribe medication to your child. In some drug administration guidelines give the baby medicine you need to consider. Parents are advised to carefully when giving medicine to her beloved baby. Because the baby's digestive system and the body is still sensitive than adults or children aged over it. So the baby's digestive problems and other health problems experienced by vulnerable infants. The guide provides medicine to infants should notice is as follows.

Provide Free Drugs in Infants

Asked Will Detail Prescription and Drug Granted

Parents must understand the prescription drug to be administered to infants. You should ask in detail doctor or pharmacist about prescription drugs. If possible, you can ask some questions that you need to know the answer is as follows:

  • The benefits and usefulness of the drug for what?
  • The side effects of drugs like?
  • Whether the drug alone or be mixed?
  • How quickly this drug will react?
  • Like what I store this medicine?
  • Giving the medicine may be mixed with baby food?
  • Administration of drugs before or after the baby eat?
  • How many doses of each drug given?
  • Whether there are restrictions after taking medicine?
  • How many times the drug must be given in a day?

And many more questions that you can ask your child about drugs.
Although you may be considered fastidious because many ask, should it not be a burden to you because you should prioritize only the security and safety of your baby.

Give Drugs the Right Dose

Administer the correct dosage you should do. If your baby is getting the right drug doses, the drug will react faster and will make him a speedy recovery. Precisely if you are wrong in giving the drug to the child, she experienced pain will worsen. Ask a doctor or read a label on the medicine regarding the proper dose.

The thing that you should consider in drug delivery to the infant as follows:

  • Note carefully the numbers listed on the label or prescription drugs. Do not rush to read it and read it in place with adequate lighting lest you be mistaken because the consequences would be fatal.
  • Find out the weight of your baby. Usually the dose of medication is adjusted to the weight of the child.
  • Before giving a syrup drug, you should shake it first. It is intended that medicinal ingredients contained in it is consumed by the child properly.
  • Avoid guessing administering such drugs or convert them by understanding their own. Note, 1 ml / millimeter equals 1 cc, 1 teaspoon equals 5 ml. To be more precisi drug delivery, you can use the tools or proper measuring tools.
  • Consider the composition of the drug will you give to your baby. Keep in mind, the composition of the drug and branded drug are two different things. Could be a drug with a different brand created with the exact same drug compositions. That way, if you know kompisis drugs, you can avoid the risk of administration of two brands of drugs with the same composition of your baby.
  • Avoid giving medicine to infants without a prescription from a doctor to avoid things that are not desirable.
  • Avoid reducing or menambahh dosage. Some drugs should really be spent even though you have a healthy baby, there are also medications that may be dismissed when the state of the child is getting better.
  • If you are wrong dose of medication to your child like eg excessive, you can immediately contact a doctor.

Drug Gives Tips On Baby

  • How to give medicine to infants should really pay attention to. Starting from the position the child. Make your child comfortable position and secure. You can position your baby in your lap with a half-sitting position.
  • When giving medicine to your child, try to give it slowly. Avoid forcing your baby because he actually will vomit the drug.
  • Give also drug little by little your baby. Avoid giving medication at once because most likely he will vomit the drug. Whatever type of drug, the drug should be given slowly and gradually so that the drug will be swallowed by a child and not be wasted in vain.
  • If the child vomited the drug or vomiting when given drugs, you do not immediately go back or actually even forced to give the medicine, give pause beforehand. Where you can wait for approximately 10 minutes, after that you can go back to give it a drug. However, if your baby is vomiting continuously when given the drug, where it is difficult to swallow the drug, then you can immediately contact a doctor.
  • Never give medicines that contain aspirin. The content of aspirin is considered good enough to relieve the fever experienced by the child. However, the effects will be obtained very seriously, where in any child experiencing Reye syndrome. He will pingsang because the chemical constituents present in the medicine can not be overcome by the body.
  • Avoid mixing drugs into a glass or bottle. The reason is, when your child does not spend his drink milk or the dosage he should receive is not obtained.
  • Avoid giving medication prescribed for another baby even though the same complaint. Give prescription specifically for your baby. Also avoid giving medication that is outdated.

Tips Saving Drugs

  • Keep this medication in the original box of the drug, also paper input intrusksi and drug content into the box.
  • Give a description or label on the outer box or plastic drug where the drug store. The label can be read usability, expiration date and how many times a day should be drunk.
  • Keep medicines to separate babies with adult medicine.
  • Some medicines or antibiotics is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, but there also must be stored at temperatures Rungan. Therefore, you should pay attention intruksinya or ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Keep this medication in a safe place to avoid the drug accessible to the child.

Similarly, the guide gives the drug in infants. In essence, you should be more careful when giving medicine to your child. May be useful.

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