Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

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Diet (diet) and exercise regularly is important in losing weight quickly. Well, here are some foods that can help you lose weight quickly.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

It has long been noted that the key to losing weight in a quick way is to maintain your diet and exercise or workout routine. If these actions do exactly, then lose weight quickly be reached.

# Food help you lose weight
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

how to lose weight fast
Some of the food, either fruits or vegetables are very helpful in terms of weight loss. Here are some foods to help you lose weight quickly.

1. Fruit Pears

Why pear? Studies conducted at the University of Rio de Janeiro, reported in the journal Nutrition says, women who ate three pears a day consumed fewer total daily calories and lost more weight than those who do not eat a pear.

Pears are rich in fiber (one pear contains 15 percent of the recommended daily drag), which helps to feel fuller longer and prevent overeating. How best to eat a pear? Eat a pear before a meal to help curb hunger.

2. Grapefruit

Based on research conducted at the Scripps Clinic in California, eating half of grapefruit before a meal can help you lose weight by 0.45 kg per week. Study leader, Ken Fujioka, MD, states that compounds in grapefruit membantung regulation of insulin, the hormone of fat storage.

"Anything that helps lower insulin, can help a person lose weight. One of them grapefruit, "said Fujioka.

3. Almond

In the report the International Journal of Obesity, eating a handful of almonds per day, along with a healthy diet, can help repel fat.

In the study, participants who do diet and regularly eat almonds for six months can lose up to 18 percent fat. While the diet and replace the calories of almonds with complex carbohydrates, the body fat lost 'only' 11 percent.

4. Brown

No need to refuse if given chocolate. Because, dark chocolate and other foods that contain high levels of oxidants can help prevent the accumulation of fat cells in the body, according to a study from Taiwan published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

5. Beans Navy

These beans are rich in resistant starch which is a powerful fat burner (one-half cup of navy beans contains 10 grams of resistant starch). Research from the University of Colorado say that eating navy beans can burn 25 percent more fat each day.

6. Fruit Berry

Replacing a sweet snack in the afternoon with berry fruit can help you lose weight, even without having to exercise or workout. Research from Loughborough University in Leicestershire, UK, said that eating berry fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries also helps reduce calorie consumption by 134 calories than those who snack foods sweet. The calorie reduction is done without exercise and can reduce weight by one pound (0.45 kilograms) each month.

# Exercise to optimize your weight loss
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

how to lose weight fast
Indeed, some food on can help you lose weight. However, another major key to losing weight quickly is by doing exercise, especially exercise to burn fat. And the most effective exercise to lose weight is cardio exercise and weight training.

If the two exercises are combined, it is not likely your goal to lose weight quickly will soon be realized. Read also the other articles.

# Supplementation
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

how to lose weight fast
The body's metabolism to determine if someone is able to burn fat optimally or even tend to prefer the body to store fat. Metabolism alone in layman arguably the key to burning fat in the body. In addition to adjusting the diet with a good plus regular exercise, can add fat-burning supplements to speed up your metabolism. As Ripped Ultra Fast Acting Formula Ultimate Nutrition that can increase metabolism and certainly very helpful to your diet program.

Losing weight is a struggle, but that does not mean too difficult to do.

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